Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Upcoming Star Trek fiction from Pocket Books

My pal, Jon posted this Star Trek publishing news for 2008/2009 on Psi Phi bbs:

"Excelsior: Forged in Fire" by Andy Mangels & Michael A Martin (mm) - the prequel to DS9's "Blood Oath" and the Kang/Sulu scene in VOY's "Flashback"

"Klingon Empire: A Burning House" by Keith R A DeCandido, expanding the "IKS Gorkon" series (mm)

"Vulcan's Forge, Book 3: Epiphany" by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz (mr)

"Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers" by James Swallow (mm)

"Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves" by SD Perry and Britta Dennison (mm)

"Deep Space Nine: These Haunted Seas" by David R George III and Heather Jarman (to) - reprinting the first two "Mission: Gamma" novels

"Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles" by SD Perry and Britta Dennison (mm)

"Myriad Universes, Volume 1: Infinity's Prism" with "What if...?" novel-length stories by Christopher L. Bennett, William Leisner, and James Swallow (tp)

"Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry" by Olivia Woods, a "flip book" continuing the DS9 Relaunch (mm)

"Myriad Universes, Volume 2: Echoes and Refractions" with "What if...?" novel-length stories by Keith RA DeCandido, Chris Roberson and Geoff Trowbridge (tp)

"The Next Generation: Greater Than the Sum" by Christopher L Bennett, following up Peter David's "Before Dishonor" (mm)

"Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru" by Andy Mangels & Michael A Martin (mm)

"Corps of Engineers: Wounds" by Ilsa J Bick, Keith RA DeCandido, John J Ordover, Terri Osborne, and Cory Rushton, collecting eBooks into hardcopy (to)

"Destiny, Book 1: Gods of Night" by David Mack (mm) - a crossover for TNG, Titan and other series

"Destiny, Book 2: Mere Mortals" by David Mack (mm)

"Destiny, Book 3: Lost Souls" by David Mack (mm)

Updates, as of 21 Feb 08:

January 2009
TOS: "Errand of Fury, Book Three" (TBA) by Kevin Ryan (mm)

"Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows" by various (tp)

May 2009
"Star Trek" movie novelization (Details TBA).

For the acronymically challenged:
hc = hardcover
tp = trade paperback
to = trade paperback omnibus (collecting titles previously released)
mm = mass media paperback
mr = mass media paperback reprint (of a previous hc or tp release)

There will also be eBooks, but I haven't listed them.

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