Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger - what?

We just had a radio news flash that Aussie heartthrob actor Heath Ledger - soon to be seen in the new "Batman: The Dark Knight" motion picture as The Joker - has been found dead in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Oh dear.

Heath Ledger as the Joker
Vale Heath Ledger. R.I.P.

Captain's Log: Supplemental. Well, this became one of those ultra sad "Where were you when __________________ (insert name here) died" days.

I decided to take a train ride up to Katoomba today; in every shop along the main strip, everyone was talking about Heath Ledger. It was Australia in disbelief, and mourning. I found a discounted copy of his "Ned Kelly" movie (which I thoroughly enjoyed at the cinema) on DVD, and had to buy it. I'd always intended to get one, but now it was essential. The young actor will probably always be intrinsically linked with train rides to Katoomba, second hand book stores, and the novel I finished reading ("The Dominion" story in "Worlds of DS9, Book 3") on the way up. Kinda like how John Lennon is always intrinsically linked with a certain bus ride from Ramsgate to the city, on a date near my birthday.

No doubt details of Heath Ledger's death will be big news for some time to come.

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Lisa said...

R.I.P. Heath =(