Saturday, January 26, 2008

Booked Inn: heroic adventures in teacher-librarianship

Ian as Clark Kent

In a challenging fortnight, I gave up three days of my vacation to help develop and test some new ways of presenting Internet-based book raps in schools.

I also spent considerable time doing what felt a bit like a brain data dump of information about blogging, and it really got me thinking about the online facilities that are available to teacher-librarians to share ideas with each other, and excuses to become more comfortable with how Web 2.0 components can be used in education.

Therefore, I commenced another blog, glutton for punishment that I am, called Booked Inn: heroic adventures in teacher-librarianship over on Edublogs (via WordPress). Supposedly, it will be fully accessible in NSW government schools, and I can use it for professional learning and information exchange. (For all its great features, I'm unable to upload anything to my Blogger pages from a work computer due to blocking software.)

I've challenged myself to stay as positive as possible; I've seen lots of professional blog sites and opinion-based web sites where the author (and readers) sink into a quagmire of negativity and constant rage against the system. And I'm definitely a "glass half full" kind of guy.

Wish me luck - and check it out some time (or, indeed, often).

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