Friday, January 25, 2008

Star Trek Year Four comics finale - and Borg Spotlight

I felt so greedy! Two IDW Star Trek comics yesterday! I picked up my copies of the final issue of the first "TOS Year Four" mini-series, and "Alien Spotlight: The Borg", in the CBD and devoured them in the 50-min. train ride home. I thoroughly enjoyed both issues!

Visually, "Year Four" #6 reminded me very much of the type of TV SF stories being told in the 60s but, with US child labour laws, it would have been an impossible script to film as live action. Star Trek comics can really excel when achieving things the original show couldn't have ever managed, SPFX makeup budget- or time-wise. A great TAS cameo appearance - and two Andorians!

"The Borg" was also very enjoyable and thought-provoking. For Admiral Janeway and "Voyager" fans, another good guest appearance! And, as promised, another Andorian cameo.

I haven't had such an absorbing Trek comics ride home in a looooong time. Thanks IDW!

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