Sunday, January 20, 2008

The drawing power of Star Trek

My weekly Site Meter results just popped in. There's something to be said about the drawing power of a new "Star Trek" teaser trailer!

This blog usually attracts about 50 visitors per day, dropping down to about 30 when I've been slack about posting (or go on vacation), and rising to about 80 if I talk about something controversial/current.

Today, my "average per day" visitor count is 114, and half of those are looking at more than one entry while they are here! Onya "Star Trek", "Cloverfield" and JJ Abrams!

Since the teaser trailer was released, the Trek online bulletin boards have been buzzing with fans dissecting the trailer into its component parts, and reading all manner of rumour, innuendo and wacky speculation into every bit. Makes me glad that JJ Abrams is making this movie for the general public, and not attempting to appease "the fans", since they are going to be polarized by anything and everything!

Sunday's magic number: 92.4 - Another slip. (I think. The scales were totally weird last week, so if I believe the first reading of last Sunday, I did lose this week.) I do know I've been a bit carefree this week, so I guess I need to get serious again. The next ten kilograms are gonna be the hard ones. A whole Jack Russell to go!

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