Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Tellarite never reveals what's under his kilt

I know you're dying to ask, but I'm not telling whether or not I decided to wear the official Paramount Pictures Tellarite fat-suit under the ambassadorial robes or not! (I'm actually convinced that the design of the outfit, the fabric, and the pattern are intended to accentuate bulges, to give the illusion of porcine dimensions - whereas the Andorian outfit made me feel quite buff!)

Tellarite robes
Ian tries on the Ambassador Gral's robe (and trousers).

The tailoring on these outfits is truly amazing. To think that so much work - often completely unnoticed in the episodes, such as to render it invisible, or at least not jarringly wrong - went into even minor Star Trek characters!

Andorian plus Tellarite jacket
Ambassador Gral's matching topcoat is even more elaborate!
The elaborate design on the back (below) includes dark fabric sections to match the trousers.

Gral costume back

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a.f.wilson said...

It's easy for Westerners or people descended of Western cultures, to forget that obesity is considered a sign of wealth and fertility in other cultures. And for that matter Japanese Sumo wrestlers have no trouble getting ladies. :) So why not the same for the Tellarites? Makes sense to me.