Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Comparisons #6: ST Magazine UK/Aust vs ST Magazine US

Continuing my series of comparisons between the UK/Australasian and US editions of "Star Trek" magazine.

And that latest issue turned up Down Under today! While #6 of the US version of Titan's Star Trek (JUL/AUG 2007) is the regular 66 page size, the UK/Aussie version (#91 SEP/OCT 2007; #133 UK) has a bonus lift-out section and is 98 pages!

The UK/Aust. bonus material features "Star Trek: The Extended Universe", a pictorial guide to characters in various Pocket Star Trek tie-in novels and eBooks, compiled by the novelists themselves:

* "Star Trek: New Frontier" by Peter David.

* "Star Trek: Corps of Engineers" (formerly "S.C.E.") by Keith RA DeCandido.

* "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (post-series relaunch) by Michael A Martin.

* "Star Trek: Stargazer" by Michael Jan Friedman.

* "Star Trek: Voyager" (post-series relaunch) by Keith RA DeCandido.

* "Star Trek: Klingon Empire" (formerly "I.K.S. Gorkon") by Keith RA DeCandido.

* "Star Trek: Vanguard" by David Mack.

* "Star Trek: Titan" by Michael A Martin.

* A two-page UK Forbidden Planet bookshop catalogue, "The Forbidden Ferengi".

* A four-page article, by Curt Danhauser, on the old Power and Peter Pan TOS record/comic sets.

* A competition for UK fans to win DS9 DVD boxed sets.

The next US issue is again back up to 98 pages, with the bonus pages featuring the 20th anniversary of "The Next Generation".

Editor Paul Simpson has assured US fans online that arrangements are in place for the different editions to be standardized as from the next issue, differing only in advertising content.

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