Saturday, August 25, 2007

David and Donner Down Under

Over the past few weeks, I've been swapping emails back and forth with a Canberra-based convention organiser, Onelia, who has two upcoming Sci-Nut conventions: one tomorrow in Canberra, and one next Sunday in Brisbane.

I suggested to her that if her guests were passing through Sydney after arriving at the airport, she might like to whisk them through some of the sights and sounds of the Harbour. My Star Trek Meet-up Group was already planning to picnic at McMahon's Point - although, of course, some bright spark decided that this weekend was the perfect time to renovate the McMahon's Point ferry wharf.

And so it was that Onelia invited a group of us to brunch with novelist David R George III and his wife, Karen - and Star Trek actor, Jack Donner - at a venue (suggested by me): Pancakes at the Rocks.

Tal cloaked
Tal the Romulan with
personal cloaking device activated

(Diane Duane would call this The Empty Chair of the Rihannsu, no doubt.)

A Romulan decloaks!

Jack & David in Oz
Jack Donner (Tal the Romulan from "Star Trek" and Vulcan Priest from "Enterprise") and Star Trek novelist David R. George III at Pancakes at the Rocks, Sydney, today. Straight off the plane but already greeting the local fans!

Jack, David and Karen were all confident, funny and charismatic guests - and hopefully we represented Australian star trek fandom well. Thanks so much Onelia! I'll see you all on 2nd September in Brissie!

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