Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brisbane Sci-Nut Convention: Sunday 2nd Sept!

On a whim, I've decided I'm going to the one-day Brisbane Sci-Nut Convention on Sunday 2nd September! (Mmmm. Happy Father's Day, Dad - but you can't have that bag of black jellybeans until I get to Perth in October.)

Guests include Jack Donner (Romulan Subcommander Tal, of the original "Star Trek" episode, "The Enterprise Incident" and the Vulcan Priest from several episodes of "Enterprise"), David R George III (Trek novelist, who wrote the recent "Crucible" trilogy and co-wrote "The 34th Rule"), Dragon Dronet (props & weapons) and Wanda Piety (costumes, modules and miniatures). Mr George is a last-minute switch for Susan Shwartz. For bookings, use the convention's online ticketing agent, Water Sprite Pty Ltd.

Crucible: triptych cover
David R George III, author of "Crucible" is coming!
(Triptych cover art by John Picacio)

The same convention runs in Canberra the previous Sunday (26th August), the day after the Sysney Star Trek Meet-up has scheduled its first picnic - but I already have accommodation in Brisbane, visiting my friends Peter and Maria, and their new baby, Benjamin (who hopefully won't already be walking before I get there. Babies grow up too quickly these days!).

I hope to see some familiar Sydney faces there, plus the regular ConQuest crowd, since ConQuest itself isn't running until November this year!

Sunday's mystery number: 96.1, sighing with relief.

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