Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the ninth day of Christmas

Yesterday Jack and I managed to avoid the downpours of rain and spent about an hour walking briskly through historic Parramatta Park. I was pleasantly surprised that dogs were permitted, as so many public places actively discourage them, even when on a lead. We had to "stay ten metres from children's play areas and barbeques", but the rain had already scared away most of the park's users for the day.

After that, Jack got to visit Punchbowl, and a little white Maltese terrier he knows: she's the very cheeky Jessie and we are always guaranteed many belly laughs when the two of them romp together. Jessie demonstrated how she can spin in the air 360 degrees, and Jack showed off the new trick he's been learning: "Sit, drop, roll!", complete with an often-hilarious howl of embarrassment when he doesn't wish to do it again. (Who said you can't teach a middle-aged dog new tricks?)

Needless to say, he's still passed out on the couch, poor little guy...

How curious that I ended up going right past Punchbowl Public School, where I was teacher-librarian from the beginning of 1991 till the end of 1997 - and here I am this week describing Christmas ornaments from that period of my life! I now present today's batch, as we continue to journey back through time:


Above left: For 1990, the cross-eyed, stuffed polar bear carries an empty sack on his back, and can presumably be filled with sweets, although I've never done so. Another purchase from the Lakemba pharmacy/newsagency. (I'd forgotten how many of my collecton came from there.) The tiny dragon and knight ride a wagon, and comprise the smallest ornament in my collection. One year it got left on a branch when the tree was stored away. Purchased from Grace Bros. in Roselands.

Above right: For 1989, the miniature rocking chair, made of real wood, is a simple, yet bold, statement on the Chrismas tree. It came from Grace Bros. in Roselands. The round wooden frame, containing a small, handmade reindeer tapestry created by my sister-in-law, Michelle, was included in my Christmas gift from my brother's family.

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