Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Delays, delays...

Over on the bulletin boards where "Star Trek" fiction is discussed, everyone is stressing because a couple of forthcoming titles have been announced as having shifted their publication dates. Usually by just one or two months, but I buy them all - and I have such a backlog that I certainly won't notice minor delays.

I remember well the early 80s when it was often a full eight months between Pocket ST novels. As stressful as it might be that a modern ST book might be delayed by - what? - all of four weeks, it really only matters to those who devour just one or two ST highly-anticipated titles per year, doesn't it?

My To Read stack hardly seems to have gotten any shorter since the world went wacky in 2002. (I changed jobs, and suddenly instead of having three and a half hours or more of travel time, I was walking distance to work!) And Pocket was churning out at least two or three new ST titles every month! To think that, until the very chunky four-part DS9 "Mission: Gamma" mini-series, I was actually caught up!

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