Monday, January 15, 2007

Alphabetise this!

I've been putting it off, and putting it off, but today was the day to re-alphabetise my DVD and CD collections. Ick. It's probably been about six months since the last time I did it, and all of my recent purchases had been building up into some very precarious stacks.

And I say precarious, because nothing stacks so precariously as CDs in their transparent "jewel cases". Not only do I miss the large artwork covers of my old LP record collection, I've certainly damaged my fair share of "jewel cases". Clatter, crash, bang - and the dog takes off to the bedroom!

The DVD and CD wall units and stands I've bought over the years were excellent... until they began to fill up. Now, when I want to add a new purchase (I really must stop buying titles that start with A, B or C, I reckon) - there is a lot of shunting to be done. The other option is not to alphabetise, I suppose, but surely that way madness lies. At least alphabetised I have a chance of finding the title I want, or of remembering that I already have a certain title when I end up buying it all over again because it was on special "for such a reasonable price", or "it was less than the price of a movie ticket".

Sadly, I've bought a lot of DVDs that I simply couldn't live without, and then never found the time to watch them, let alone watching them again with their commentary track(s) activated - and let alone actually checking the disks in the DVD player to make sure that they work.

You know, I feel like watching a DVD now, but the wall units look so neat, I'm not game to pull one out. And actually, sometimes the boxes are crammed in so tight they're actually not so easy to take out. And the wall unit only looks neat and not-as-crowded because I've moved all my boxed sets to an enclosed plastic crate. (Please, don't anyone tell me that those crates contain poly-ethyl-something vapours in the plastic that will damage the DVDs I haven't even watched once yet.)

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