Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Make mine Mego

I came across this old ad again today and it made me remember how cool were the action figures for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". I almost bought a set from "Heroes World", you know, having written to them by snail mail in 1980. They only had aliens left - and no Betelgeusian - so I didn't proceed with the sale - but, go figure - the aliens were the ones that have increased the most in value over the years. I eventually picked them all up separately on eBay in 1999s. Oh, my aching wallet...

MegoTMP action figures ad
(From Marvel ST comic, #2, 1980)

Note that the figure labelled "Rigellian" is actually the TMP Saurian. Also note the spelling of "Illia" (sic), "extraterrestial" (sic) and "... Star Treckie Fan" (sic).

More information at my web page, Customising 3.75" Mego Star Trek action figures.

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