Friday, January 26, 2007

Homer says, "Mmmmm.... Cookie puffs..."

Okay, I've found an equivalent, morish snack food that may perhaps rival the Krispy Kreme Donut.

I saw them last week in the World Square shopping arcade, which was (and still is) about two decades being built on the old Anthony Hordern's building site in the city. I resisted then, but yesterday I could not go past a second time.

And they are... delectable.

Cookie Puff

Puffy cookie puffs are seemingly an Asian delight, said to be "fresh 'n natural", and need to be refrigerated at or below 4 degrees C. If they ever get home to your fridge. Cookie puffs have a light crumbly pastry crust, sort of flaky on the bottom, craggy on the top and - even though warm from the oven - are filled with a cold, light, rather eggy custard. One can buy them singly, but why would you? Because they also come in boxes of six and twelve!

I mean, if they are "fresh 'n natural" they must be good for you, yes? For a moment, I even worried that the texture of the top of the puff might mean the presence of (ick!) coconut, but no. (Snicker, snicker. Good. Or perhaps bad.)

There were still five left in the little six-pack carrier carton when I got home yesterday. Then two more for me, two to share with a friend - and one that had to be eaten at about midnight, lest it go soggy in the fridge overnight. One just never knows when a fridge might stop being "below 4 degrees C" - and cookie puff spoilage would be such an incredible waste.

Monday: the return of Fat Free Forever. Alas, poor cookie puffs, I knew you (too) well.


Therin of Andor said...

Others have blogged thusly, but not as keenly:

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Chocolate Suze.

chocolatesuze said...

lol what dya mean not as keenly? hehe i like them! theyre super tasty mmm custardy goodness

Andrew said...

World Square? The Sydney hole in ground seen from the monorail?

Therin of Andor said...

Hi Chocolatesuze! Yes, indeed. I'm ashamed to say I had to go past World Square again today. I now have a new six-pack in the fridge.

Andrew: Yes, World Square has actually been functioning as a shopping centre for over a year now. They are still working on the upper levels of the towers. It seems like such a long time that it was just a gaping crater with elevator shafts and scaffolding - and a monorail station perched in the middle of nowhere. IIRC, in about 1996, they filmed the first "Power Rangers" movie in the seemingly abandoned structure. But it was open well before Christmas trading of 2005, 'cos I got some great bargains at World Square's Bayswiss store that year.