Monday, January 29, 2007

Andorian bear... in da house!

A special thank you to my US email pal, Pete, who went to Las Vegas and prevented himself from spending his last $US 14.99 in the casinos to buy me a highly-coveted stuffed Andorian bear, from the shop at the Star Trek Experience.

Andorian Toys

When I reminded him of the problems once created by the Star Trek Experience writing "bean bear" on the green customs declaration, Pete jokingly sent me an email, "I wrote 'fabric toy filled with potentially deadly foodstuff and fruitflies' on the customs that OK??" ;)

Funnily enough, a second declaration label, from someone else's package, had attached itself to the bottom of the box: "Baby blanket and PJs"!

The bear turned up today! The postie left the box at my front door, and my fuzzy little friend (the bear, not the postie) was waiting patiently all day in the heat. Had it not been my first day back at work for 2007, he could have been set free much earlier.

It was quite a surprise unpacking him, because all of the pictures of these Andorian bears on the Internet failed to show any sense of scale. I'd assumed he was the same size as other items (see pic above), but he's soooo much bigger! He towers over UFP Beanie Bear, and Alien Bean Andorian, too. He is dwarfed only by the diaper-wearing Andorian baby (made for me by a penpal, Francine, way back in 1983).

Anyway, Andorian Bear looks great! Thanks again, Pete.

Back of UFP Bear and Ba'ku Rhyl
UFP Bear realises that the chair he saved for Andorian Bear is way too small...

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