Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The end, but yet not the end

The school students finish up today, but New South Wales public school teachers have two more days on duty. Hard to think about planning for next year when you're tired from teaching this year...

The money saved by the government on those two days of students' free travel (ie. because they won't be coming to school those last two days) was diverted to pay teacher salary increases earlier in the year. But with everyone looking so weary this week (party days, report cards, room clean-ups, Year 6 farewells, library stocktakes) I'm not sure how enthusiastic we'll be about two days of professional development when the rest of the world is seemingly off Christmas shopping.


Today's pic: Superman cap given to me as an end-of-year gift by two of my most enthusiastic young library patrons! They know me too well.

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