Saturday, December 19, 2009

Memories of Christmases past #1

Noddy and Big Ears

I had a great Noddy glove puppet when I was a little kid. The head and hat was rubbery, with a real bell sewn to the top of the hat, and the body was blue and red plush material. Santa brought him - I remember dragging him out of my "Santa sack" pillowslip, and this was probably the first puppet that started a rather large collection over the years (and it became a bit of a game to suggest puppet characters that my grandmother then probably spent months trying to find in toyshops all over Sydney!)

My younger brother received a matching Big Ears puppet that year, but he was very jealous and teary of Noddy's bell, so my grandfather ended up having to sew a bell to the top of Big Ears' hat.

There may have been no equity for Enid Blyton's golliwogs, but Big Ears achieved it at our house!

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