Sunday, December 20, 2009

It figures: Flashback!

Flashback JanewaywhiteFlashbackJaneway

This exclusive Playmates action figure was the result of a 1999 online competition, held by NewForce Comics mail order firm, for members of Playtrek listserv to suggest a popular character that could be assembled/customized from existing Playmates' sculpts. I was the creator of the winning figure: "Captain Kathryn Janeway as seen in the 'Star Trek: Voyager' episode, 'Flashback'".

This figure was made from a regular Janeway head on a repainted ST II Saavik body. Playmates agreed to resculpt the rank insignia on the epaulet and cuff - instead of painting flat gold ones, as originally suggested. Both of these figures were originally shortpacks in their original release and quite highly coveted by collectors.

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new force said...

ah, brings back memories!.

Anonymous said...

I remember tallying up the poll results. It was a close one and Janeway won by only 2 votes, second place was a Spock variant.