Sunday, June 28, 2009

You must be joking!

A selection of work by cartoonist, children's book illustrator
and director, Greg Holfeld, whose graphic novel, "Captain Congo"
has been nominated for the Children's Book Council Awards this

I was thrilled to meet the talented and friendly illustrator, Greg Holfeld, this weekend, at Supanova Convention (Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia). I was able to tell him how popular "Captain Congo and the crocodile king" is proving with the students at my school, and he autographed some copies of his previous picture book, "You Must Be Joking!" (It was only later that I realised that the boy hero's pet in that book is a super-powered Jack Russell terrier!)

We enjoyed a laugh together about the bizarre prevalence of purple gorillas in classic comic books (and at least of his own works.)

Greg also threw into my package of purchases a copy of "Monkey, Bug, Rabbit & Goose have lunch and save the planet", issue #1 of a unique comic book reader he created for for fledgling "comicophiles" at his children's school.

Thanks so much Greg.

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