Friday, June 26, 2009

Live long and prosper

Handy souvenir!


chunky B said...

So, do you like this sort of souvenir?

Therin of Andor said...

It certainly appeals to my sense of whimsy. However, as it was pointed out by a friend on Facebook, it was entirely coincidental that I posted a one-glove Star Trek pic on the day of Michael Jackson's passing.

I didn't even think of the glove connection on the day - how eerie!

I turned 50 last year, as did Michael Jackson (and Madonna, and the Smurfs), and that piece of trivia was mentioned at my party. It's been hard to reconcile that he's gone, and that his fall from grace this last decade would be such a sad, slippery slope. Gosh...

chunky B said...

I only ask because I work for the company that produced them and I had to lobby to get this thing made, hopefully I can get some more characters produced.

That is sort of eerie about the connection to MJ and the one glove post.