Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo roundup - now that we are awake

My 365 Photos project is ongoing. A near miss on Wednesday evening, having fallen asleep on the lounge. I awoke on the dot of 11.59pm and with only seconds to spare, I simply aimed and shot: the Andorian in the corner.

Don't you wish you had a full-sized Andorian in your lounge room?


Andorian mannequin - in authentic screen-used robes from "Star Trek" productions, with "Scaredy cat" mascot. Okay, so the Andorian pirate's pet cat ate the parrot. Sounds feasible? 10 June 2009.
Next we get all doggy in theme again:


A Jack Russell terrier applies a guilt trip as I get ready for work, and will be leaving him alone for the day. (And yes, I had made the bed.) 11 June 2009.
And finally, as my eyes returned to full focus...


The view from my recovery chair, after full anesthesia at the dentist today! The stuffed monster toy has a very impressive set of healthy teeth (much better than mine!), presumably for demonstrating brushing techniques to little kids - note the giant yellow toothbrush beside him. 12 June 2009.

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