Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where is everyone?

Five "Yes" RSVPs for today's monthly meeting of the Western Sydney Art Modelling Group, but...

... I can't believe that yet again it was me, sitting in my lounge room with all the furniture rearranged, and there were NO models to draw (all three were no shows) and NO artists to draw them.

And, by putting my disappointment in print like this, it only seems to give people a licence to do it to me again and again. Why do people RSVP "Yes" when they mean "Only if I have nothing better to do ten minutes before the scheduled time"?

In summer, everyone would rather be at the beach. In winter, it's too cold for them to leave their houses. Everyone else works weekends. And weeknights. Why does it seem that I'm the only one with the spare time on my hands?

I rearranged my life for today. Again. I told friends I couldn't join them at the movies, because I had a sketch day scheduled. My breakfast-in-the-mountains had to be cut short so I could race home and get set up for today. I spent several days worried that all the artists might show, and no models. Or that all the models might show, and no artists. And, if it's a cold day, do I have enough ways to guarantee that the room is warm enough for the comfort of the models and artists. And now, I can't even go out and buy milk, in case someone's running late.

Why do I bother?

I know things can (and do) happen, but this is ridiculous. The group has supposedly been running for over two and half years - and, so far, not one piece of charcoal has touched a piece of paper in the name of art.

And I'd love to own a dollar for everyone who has joined a group called Western Sydney Art Modelling Group and then asked, "Why do the meetings have to be in western Sydney?" Hey, I'd be prepared to hold the meetings on the moon, so long as I knew people were prepared to show up.

Photo souvenir of this morning's breakfast:
Norman Lindsay's "The Magic Pudding", in delicious
dessert mode, at Lindsay's Cafe,
Norman Lindsay Gallery, Faulconbridge, NSW.

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