Monday, June 22, 2009

The one that almost got away

An angel fish mugs for my camera in window tank,
"Aquatic Pet", Penrith Plaza.

Okay, I know patience is a photographer's best virtue. Earlier this evening, I was strolling past this tank outside "Aquatic Pet", just on closing time for most of the shops in Penrith Plaza. I noticed a lone angel fish, in amongst lots of rather ordinary looking little tropical fish, and decided he was perfect as today's subject for my 365 Photos project but, as I raised my iPhone, he allowed himself to descend out of sight behind some greenery.

Tired of waiting, I moved to the side of the tank, instead of staying front-on, and eventually saw him again. I waited and waited till finally he moved into view. Then, it was as if he'd noticed me and he swam straight towards me, as if to pose, which is why the focus is no longer as perfect as it had been.

Despite my "aim and shoot once" rule, I decided to take a second shot as he moved away, convinced the first photograph was going to be too blurry to use - and suddenly two more angel fish jumped in to share the shot as I clicked (see below). And, believe or not, another second later there were two more joining the school! Where had they all been for the ten minutes or so I'd been waiting for that first one to come back into view?


These fish work for scale, but they're definitely more reliable than some human models of my acquaintance.

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