Sunday, March 02, 2008

Let's do the Time Warp again

Big day today. It was off into the city for lunch with 20 Star Trek fans at Star Bar, site of the former Planet Hollywood Sydney. A good roll up and a great venue, if kept a little too dark and moody. Maybe they keep the lights low so you can't notice that most of the showbiz memorabilia that used to be on display was dismantled years ago. Our table was underneath the huge, central, metal rotunda that was part of the staging of a naked Sylvester Stallone's resurrection from cryogenic freezing, a key scene from "Demolition Man".

Then it was off, on foot, to Pancakes at the Rocks (at Darling Harbour, confusingly) and then onwards to Star City Casino to see the latest revival of "The Rocky Horror Show".

Thoroughly enjoyable! I really enjoyed the performances, staging and costumes. Different enough to previous productions to be fresh and interesting, but plenty of nostalgia-stirring memories of previous renditions. Highly recommended. And yay iOTA, John Waters and Sharon Millerchip! Excellent work!

Sunday's magic number: 90.9 - level pegging with last week, meaning that yesterday's sausage roll for lunch, and last night's pizza restaurant meal, counted as a successful Junk Food Day treat.

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