Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm not messy, my cupboard just backed up!

So says the fridge magnet my mother sent me a few years ago. (She knows me too well. But she should talk. She turned my old bedroom into an ironing room when I left home in the 80s.)

I'm still swimming in unboxed junk since everything on the bedroom and lounge room floors got moved into the family room so that the floor coverings in the carpeted rooms could be steam cleaned recently, prior to the arrival of the new lounge suite. (Now quite some time ago.) It was the first time in seven years for the steam clean effect - the previous owner had them steam cleaned annually. Ooopsie.

The contractor had to go out to his van at least three times... to clear his hose of matted white Jack Russell terrier fur. He kept shaking his head; the dog's hairs are barely visible from eye level, but plenty numerous as they clogged up his equipment. He wrote in the "Comments" section of the invoice: "Many hairs from the Jack".

Onedayrealsoon I must fire up the courage to box up all this stuff and... hide it again. Before it gets covered in dog hair. Again.

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