Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the Warpath

I finally finished the David Mack's "Star Trek" novel, "Deep Space Nine: Warpath" yesterday. It was great!

I have a few regrets; try as I did to remain spoiler free for this novel (published April 2006), things kept bobbing up on the Internet message boards that led me to guess several major plot twists and resolutions, and I really wish I'd been able to read the whole thing before ever seeing the great "flip book" cover for the upcoming, twice-delayed, "DS9: Fearful Symmetry", because lots more events in "Warpath" may have taken me by surprise.

Also, I regret that I took so long to read such a fast-paced book. This would have been amazing to devour over the first weekend of its release, stopping only for meal breaks. But I so rarely get time to do that with a ST novel ("Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "ST III: The Search for Spock" novelizations; "The Entropy Effect"; "Andor: Paradigm"; "Gateways: Cold Wars"; "New Frontier: Stone and Anvil", to name a few).

I very much enjoyed the Prynn/Vaughn stuff. Prynn Tenmei has really grown as a character through "Paradigm" and now "Warpath". She's one dynamic, resilient, loyal gal! Also, I really liked the storytelling possibilities that made the chapters I came to think of as "Dreams of a Jem'Hadar" so much fun. I also appreciated David Mack's addition of some Andorian cameos.

Hey, if they'd ever made a movie of this novel, poor Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) would have been exhausted! And you'll have to read the book to find out why.

Great stuff, David!


Stefan C.J. Seitz said...

Hi Ian great you got the time to read it there is so much ST-stuff around these days :-) I was enjoying the whole DS9-Relaunch (I think DS9 has the most complex and continuing storyline of the ST-Universe and can’t wait till Fearful Symmetry will finally be released. But I’m happy to see that the Terok Nor series is around at least.

ronny said...

I remember reading that book the weekend after it came out. I had told my girlfriend I had been waiting a year for that book and here I was sitting up late so I could finish. She asked a couple times "So you've waited for this book for a year, why are you blasting through it instead of savoring it?".