Friday, February 29, 2008

The tail end of the tale

I've only just discovered the wonderful (just ended) blog of Mike the human and Bondi the Alaskan Malamute, el Loco & el Lobo, who have just returned from an epic journey of 2.5 years roaming Europe and UK together.

While I'm disappointed to have found their adventures only once it was all over, I've barely scratched the surface of reading about their shared experiences. I've travelled with my Jack Russell to Queensland, Victoria and many parts of New South Wales, but it hadn't crossed my mind that international travel with a dog was even possible, let along viable. With planning, Bondi only needed to spend one month in quarantine when they returned!

What really topped the week was meeting Mike last night! I was invited to my third Thursday night bloggers' meeting in three weeks - and Mike was there, relating tales of Bondi in person! (Poor ol' Bondi wasn't allowed into the beer garden.) It kinda felt like meeting a celebrity. I'd known of Mike and Bondi's blog for less than 24 hours but I felt an immediate sense of camaraderie, and it was great fun to listen to his stories firsthand.

Jack would love to meet Bondi, being very familiar with two local malamutes who flop above the rim of their fence to watch Jack and me walking by their yard every day.

Thanks Andrew for the invitation. It was a great night with some fascinating blogging personalities!

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