Friday, February 15, 2008

Visiting for the weekend!


"V" creator, Kenneth Johnson, has revisited his epic TV mini-series of the 80s with a hardcover sequel novel called "V: The Second Generation". First scheduled for release in October 2007, it's been delayed a few times but is finally here!

I have had the book on pre-order at Galaxy, and thankfully they saved me a hardcover edition (it has a simultaneous trade paperback release), and I'm glad I pre-ordered since there was only one copy sitting on the shelves just a few days after the first airfreighted stock arrived.

Now I must rush through the rest of a DS9 novel, "Warpath" (not difficult because David Mack writes a fast-paced book), and delve into "V". I understand Johnson will ignore elements of the latter "V" projects, made without his involvement, but there is no foreword explaining the set-up, so it'll be an interesting ride.

It's been way too long between mousies!


Also on the shelves at Galaxy last night was "Captain Kirk's Guide to Women" by John "Bones" Rodriguez, a slim "factual" book published by Pocket Books, which caused much hilarity when I tried to purchase it. Poor Sofia was trying to serve me in her usual friendly and jovial manner - and trying not to raise her eyebrows over the title of the book, and all the cheesy Kirk/female embraces depicted on its cover - and I was reassuring her that, although I now had all the secrets I ever needed to wield romantic power over Earth and alien females alike, I hadn't actually read it yet.

Valentine's Day. How appropriate for such a purchase! I warned Sofia that there might be a regular cluster of lonely Star Trek fans, desperate for the ultimate solution to the Great Mystery of the Universe, down by the Star Trek "New Releases" stand... at least until the last three copies were sold.

Still attempting to convey nonchalance, Sofia then asked, quite innocently, if I wanted my paper bag sealed.

"Why?" I smirked. "Are you trying to prevent me from reading it on the train home?"

Then I noticed that my purchase was now in a plain brown wrapper. Maybe that's the only safe way to carry home the secrets of Kirk's mojo?

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De said...

I'm in the middle of the V novel now. I'll let you know my thoughts on it soon.