Friday, February 22, 2008


The Other Andrew wondered aloud in his blog today what was up with the blogosphere that it was so quiet this week?

Well, I've been a little lax here this week only because I'm trying to split allegiances by devoting more time to my new professional learning blog, Booked Inn: heroic adventures in teacher-librarianship over at

Also a brand new blog format for the NSW Dept of Education & Training's book rap on the picture book, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge at - meaning lots of emails back and forth helping brand new educator blogger virgins to blog for the first time.

Sydney Webloggers' Meetup (ending the hiatus from last July) reconvened last night and, although I was expecting about 15 people, only six of us showed up at the wonderfully atmospheric attic of the ArtHouse Hotel in the CBD. So there must be some other distractions out there. No matter, the six of us had a great time!

But otherwise the blogosphere - especially yesterday and today - seems [E.Fudd] "vewwy, vewwy qwiet, hehehehehehe..." [/E.Fudd]

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