Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The fog lifts

The fog lifts

The fog lifts

Inspired by Sunday's blog entry, here's an eerie attempt by my niece, Beckie, to restore the Three Sisters through the impenetrable fog.

Thanks Beck!


Trekalong said...

If this was difficult in Photoshop to "blend" two images, then Adobe Creative Suite 3 has an Auto Blend capability in the Edit menu. This feature is not on my Creative Suite 2 or earlier versions of Photoshop.

For helpful free video advice on Photoshop, check out Russell Browns webpage. For the one on blending see Blend Movie

Russell Browns tips, which are all free, unlike other Photoshop experts, is at Russell Brown Tips. However some tips assume one has Creative Suite 3.

Anonymous said...

Eheh XD I bet your niece had fun with this :) Bad days like that happens sometimes... heh.

Nice to see you again, anyways ^^ I've been off for a lot of time... See you soon! ;)