Sunday, December 29, 2013

One year ago: Day 7: Saying farewell to Ann Arbor. But not goodbye...

Alas, this was my last full day in Ann Arbor for this trip, and plans have now been made to return next Spring, so that I can see Michigan without snow! Including the beautiful old hotel on Mackinac Island, filming location of the 1979 movie, Somewhere in Time, which starred Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

Day 7 photos:

Charlie Brown Christmas tree
A Charlie Brown Christmas, plus Andorian sock monkey

Day 7 Ian and Dorothy
Ian says goodbye to Dorothy!

Day 7 ST Poster

Day 7 ST Trek

Day 7 ST Nero
The Andorian sock monkey explores Reed's amazing garage sale bargain!

Day 7 Hello Kitty
It was definitely a Very Hello Kitty Christmas for Olivia!

Day 7 We Three
When shall we three meet again?

Day 7 Icicles
I shall miss watching these icicles grow!

Reed & Olivia
See you soon (I hope), Reed & Olivia!

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