Saturday, December 28, 2013

One year ago: Day 6: More sights of Ann Arbor

Day 6 Borg Cube

The plan for the day was yet another away mission, roaming around the sights of Ann Arbor and enjoying the falling snow. But what's that the Andorian Sock Monkey has picked up on the main viewscreen? A Borg vessel? We must investigate!

Day 6 photos:

Day 6 Icicles 2

Day 6 Icicles

Day 6 Cube and Ian

Day 6 Snowflake

Day 6 Barber pole

Day 6 Barbers

Day 6 Barbers 2
Snowman window art, Arcade Barbers, in Ann Arbor

Day 6 Ice cream Rocky Mountain

Day 6 Ice cream Washtenaw>

Day 6 Graffiti 3

Day 6 Michigan Theatre
Streets of Ann Arbor, and Michigan Theater

Day 6 Dawntreader Seven of Nine
Dawn Treader Books, Ann Arbor

Day 6 Mural
Literary luminaries on this mural by Richard Wolk, painted 28 years ago, near the corner of
East Liberty & South State Streets. With Woody Allen, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Hese (Hermann Hesse),
Franz Kafka and Anais Nin. It was recently restored by the original artist.

Day 6 State Theatre

Day 6 State Theatre Psycho

Day 6 State Theatre 4
Ann Arbor's beautiful State Theatre

Day 6 Stuff 2
A good day's haul of goodies.
Reed and I unwittingly started a feeding frenzy with reduced-price Hallmark "Star Trek" ornaments!

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