Friday, December 27, 2013

One year ago: Day 5: Trudging around Ann Arbor, gleefully!

There was a flurry of activity just after breakfast on this brisk morning, one year ago, as Olivia's team of "snow men" turned up with their equipment. In the summer months they mow the lawn; in winter they clear the paved areas of snow. No phone call needed; it snowed over the holidays, so here they are! They probably aren't used to excited Aussies peering through the window and photographing them as they work, though. Driveway cleared, it was off to the mall (Briarwood), hopefully to buy a few US-themed T-shirts in the post-Christmas sales, and to find somewhere nice for lunch!

Day 5 photos:

Day 5 Snowplough

Day 5 Snow

Day 5 Snowplough
In come the snow blowers!

Day 5 Seal
Santa's seal of approval?

Day 5 Moose
Too much eggnog?

Day 5 Party panda
Definitely too much eggnog

Day 5 Party animals
More party animals at the mall

Day 5 Max & Erma's

Day 5 Snowman
This cute snowman was built the day before by Max & Erma's wait staff.
(They had the boss's permission; it had been a slow day.) He was right outside our window table.

Day 5 Snowman
I amused them all by going outside in shirtsleeves to take more photographs of him!
Everyone kept asking - all day: "Aren't you cold?"

Day 5 Pomegranate ale
Dinner with the Kaleidoscopes (Jeff and his wife, of Kaleidoscope Books). Jeff brought pomegranate ale!

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