Thursday, December 26, 2013

One year ago: Day 4: A White Boxing Day

And the snow kept falling! I really should give a plug for the lightweight New Zealand Merino long underwear, which was perfect for lumbering around in the snow of the streets of Ann Arbor, while staying comfortably warm.

Day 4 photos:

Day 4 Snowy Ian & Olivia
Ian and Olivia: in the snow!

Day 4 Straddle jump
We were satisfied to wander the paths of County Farm Park, and to ignore the Straddle jump.

Day 4 Squirrel nest
Squirrel nest!

Day 4 Nature trail squirrel
Nature trail squirrel

Day 4 Milkweed pods
Remember the wings of Day 3's homemade Christmas angels? Milkweed pods, growing wild!

Day 4 snowfall

Day 4 pot and snow

Day 4 snowfall

Day 4 snowfall
Snowfall in Ann Arbor's CBD.

Day 4 Vault of Midnight door

Day 4 Vault of Midnight
Reed and Olivia in the Vault of Midnight!

Day 4 Street squirrel
Squirrel attempts to enter Jeffrey Pickell's amazing Kaleidoscope Books & Collectibles!

Day 4 Kaleidoscope Books door

Day 4 Kaleidoscope Books

Day 4 Stuff
Kaleidoscope Books - and my haul! Thanks so much Jeffrey! What a great shop!

Day 4 Microbrewery
Either the vats through the glass are a microbrewery, or I found JJ Abrams' Engineering set
for the new "Star Trek" sequel. Enjoying Arbor Brewing Company's Milestone Cask Porter beer.

Day 4 Snow in Covington Drive
Snowfall in Olivia's street.

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