Friday, January 07, 2011

When you're on a run...

Customised Teena Terror and Mama Kaskit
Customised Teena Terror and Mama Kaskit "Kooky Spookys"

I made customized Teena and Mama ghost figures today. I was walking through a stationery store yesterday, and found little pink, heart-shaped, split-pin fasteners, and thought they'd look good as the pink hearts on their cheeks. (I'm not quite happy with the heavy eyeliner, but I'm going to try scraping away excess paint when it's dried.) Their signs were cut out with cookie cutters I happened to have on hand.

Kooky Spookys plus Gilroy
Extended Hasbro "Kooky Spooky" family - plus Avon's Gilroy the Ghost

See the previous customising venture HERE!

Kooky Spooky - Boxed Mama KaskitwhiteKooky Spooky - Teena Terror
Elusive: Boxed original Mama Kaskit; opened, original Teena Terror.

Customized Mama Kaskit and Teena Terror
My Fimo customs!

My PhotoPeach slideshow about Kooky Spookys is HERE!


Pamela said...

Hehe! I love the new KS additions (and little Gilroy in the back). Good stuff!

Therin of Andor said...

I did finally get a "real" Teena Terror on eBay!