Monday, January 03, 2011

Customising Kooky Spookys!

General Gilghouly & Cousin Cadava
General Gilghouly & Cousin Cadava

I'm halfway finished!

Based on two actual, unused, early designs of Patti Peticolas' "Kooky Spookys" (1968), I created these two new ghosts today by combining equal parts "lemon" and "nightglow luminescent" Staedtler brand Fimo Soft modelling compounds - and baking them in the oven for 30 minutes each.

Next I have to add painted facial features, again working from the original designs. Gilghouly (who originally name-swapped with Daddy Booregard, and was also described as a cousin) will carry a shotgun(!), and the one I'm calling Cousin Cadava (originally Gaston Ghost and then Daddy Cadava on paper) already has a "Hero" medal pinned to his chest and will hold a fencing foil. These two designs (of eight) were dropped when Hasbro committed to producing the family of six final Kooky Spookys (below).

Kooky Spooky (1968) retailers ad
Kooky Spooky (1968) retailers ad.

With thanks to the gang at the Universal Monster Army BBS.

UPDATE: The completed customs are HERE, HERE and HERE!

My PhotoPeach slideshow about Kooky Spookys is HERE!


Pamela said...

100% awesome! As a long-time fan of Kooky Spookys (I still have my original Daddy Booregard purchased back in 1970...when I was kid living in Japan mind you!), I'm truly impressed by your skills and creativity. I too am a lucky owner of some Patti Peticola prototype sketches, and one of my favorite non-produced KS is the geisha ghost (can't recall the name Patti dubbed that particular version). Your "mash-ups" are definitely a wonderful tribute to a woman who helped give us such happy childhoods. I hope to see more of your work. Perhaps you could list some of your creations on ebay for auction (hint, hint)!

Off topic: Since I lived much of my early years overseas (USAF Brat), I didn't get to see "Star Trek TOS" until the mid-1970's. I became an instant fan and for many years I couldn't get enough of it. I'm not into ST as much as I used to be, but I'm still insanely in love with the old "Batman" series. I've never heard of "Number 96" but I'll look into it.

Please take a peek at my sites when you get a chance (I really need to do some serious updating to them, so my apologies in advance):

My business site:

Hope all is well in Oz!

Therin of Andor said...

Thanks Pamela,

I've been painting fine details on the two new ghosts today and can't wait to have finished them. The General is supposed to have a bulbous red nose like WC Fields and Cadava is holding aloft a fencing foil made out of a silver-painted barbecue skewer.

Geisha Ghost eventually evolved into Grandma Macreak, her kimono becoming the frilly nightdress.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Therin of Andor said...

My new "mash-up" customs are finished!

Click HERE!