Thursday, January 06, 2011

A corella epiphany

Corellas attack!
Epiphany 2011

Today is the traditional day for taking down Christmas decorations. This year, I didn't actually get around to decorating the outdoor pine tree, but I did notice it had a very healthy display of pine nuts. Until yesterday.

I had heard some happy parrot noises out in the yard, but it was only later in the day that I noticed that some galah had been munching on my nuts, to coin a phrase.

Today, they're back! Six corellas have returned to the scene of yesterday's crime! When I snuck out with the iPhone, the "boss cocky" flew up into a neighbouring tree and kept watch for his mates, sending chirpy noises to them, warning that I was still approaching. It was a textbook assault, obviously planned well since yesterday. They started at the top and are slowly working their way down, like a well-oiled machine.

Outdoor Christmas tree and Aquarius
Epiphany 2008

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