Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Welcome to the family!

Kooky Spooky welcome

This morning, I tracked down my several-hairs brush and some suitable highlighting paint - and finished off my two "mash-up" Kooky Spookys, based on unused Patti Peticolas designs from 1968.

Cousin Cadava and General Gilghouly
Cousin Cadava & General Gilghouly.

Cousin Cadava's fencing foil is made out of a barbeque skewer, painted with chrome nail polish. I've also used that silver on his "hero" medal. His moustache is said to be reminiscent of David Niven's. The General's nose was described as being red and bulbous, like WC Fields'. His (temporary) gun is actually an uzi, borrowed from an "Austin Powers" fembot. (The original "General Booregard" design had a bluebird perched on the gun, so I guess I need to find my blue Fimo.)

Baby Spook'em's death rattle

With a little spare bit of the yellow/glow mixture of Fimo, I also made a little skull on a stick (above) to create a "death rattle" for signless Baby Spook'em. (When I saw a reference on the original "Baby Boo" model sheet, I just had to create one! Also love the skeletal rocking horse, which Patti seems to have crossed out as too gross for little kids? Eventually, I'll make that, too.)

Kooky Spooky family 2

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