Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The ongoing adventures of Miss Playtrek

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Miss Playtrek goes Down Under

Barbie Uhura, winner of "Miss Playtrek 2009", commenced her world tour of Earth a few weeks ago. Here she was in Sydney, Australia, at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to celebrate Australia Day, January 2010.

From Sydney, she winged her way (in the cargo hold) to Columbus, Georgia, in the USA. According to Playtrekker, Freddy Heller, Miss Playtrek loved the snow "storm" they had (3 inches) while she was there, and wanted her picture taken at Columbus' most famous resident company.

Miss Playtrek in Columbus, GA
Miss Playtrek at the world headquarters of AFLAC!

Miss Playtrek in Columbus, GA
Miss Playtrek shows off her visitors' entrance.

Miss Playtrek and Freddy in Columbus, GA
OOPS! Her top came off!!

After a very teary farewell, the Toast of Columbus boarded a plane and is on her way to a city in Pennsylvania! Freddy reports that it was a tough goodbye because Miss Playtrek began having feelings for the AFLAC duck. (At one point she threatened to chain herself to the gate.)

Farewell Miss Playtrek and have a good time in the Keystone State!!

Stay tuned!

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