Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nostalgia - "Just for Fun"

A shadow box of memorabilia from Luna Park.
Centre: large clown sticker from the day of the 1981 auction at Milson's Point,
Sydney; metal ride token from 1935-1981, other metal tokens and rubber badge
are from 2000s; the lower right wooden face is of Luna Park, Melbourne.

Here are some b/w photographs of mine, taken during a day at Luna Park in 1973:

Luna Park under Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1973


Luna Park, 1973
Davy Jones' Locker Mirror Maze

Ghost Train
Luna Park, 1973

Brother Keith and cousin Alison on the Cha Cha
Luna Park, 1973
Entrance to Coney Island

Luna Park
A more recent photo of the Luna Park entrance.

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