Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell Pennsylvania!

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Miss Playtrek has waved goodbye to chilly Pennsylvania (and Chuck) before heading off to sunny Puerto Rico.

Pennsylvania 2
Here is Miss Playtrek visiting a local school house built in 1837.
Hopefully before the end of the week she will has the proper clothes
for this climate.

"1837: Quakers Richard and Mary Edge Pim construct a stone hexagonal schoolhouse to begin the early education of their 9 children. The unique 75 ton structure is located along Edge Lane until it is relocated to Municipal Drive in 1968."

Chester County was very fortunate to be blessed with many creeks and steams that the early settlers use to power grist mill, paper mills and even steel mills.

Pennsylvania 3
Miss Playtrek is along Dorlin Forge, which had a
paper mill as long ago as 1830.

Pennsylvania 4
Along the Brandywine.

Despite the hazards of fire, flood, and foreign competition Chester County's infant paper industry of 1800 has in 150 years, become an important segment of our contemporary economy. The Brandywine can still be a quite and tranquil place even during the winter months.

Pennsylvania farewell

Before Miss Playtrek took up accommodations in her selected mode of travel, she had a last look at part of Chuck's collection. She kept asking, "Who is that person?", pointing at TOS Uhura - and Chuck really didn't know how to answer her.

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