Thursday, January 21, 2010

Returning to "Superman Returns"


Superman Returns fountain
Superman rescues Kitty Kawolski in front of the fountain in Metropolis, "Superman Returns".

Action Comics #1
A homage to Superman's debut in "Action Comics" #1,
April 1938 (cover-dated June).

I get a little nostalgic when I wander through Metropolis - I mean, Martin Place, Sydney - and often think back to the night I stumbled onto a live filming set for "Superman Returns" in 2005. (It's secret working title was "Red Sun", but as Sydney's telephone booths were temporarily rebranded as being from Metropolis, and there were yellow New York-style taxis and police cars dotting the city, it was all a bit of a giveaway.) Most of the movie was filmed in soundstages at Fox Studios Australia, Sydney, but Tamworth doubled for Smallville and several key CBD locations doubled for Metroplis locales, including Wynyard Railway Station (for the hospital).

First, I happened to notice that Martin Place seemed rather crowded for a Wednesday evening. There were lots of people dressed up rather elegantly, waiting behind a roped off area to enter the new restaurant that had been set up on the podium in Martin Place.

"Hey, hang on a minute? Since when was there a restaurant in the middle of Martin Place?"

A few metres in front of the restaurant, a car was poised, rather precariously, as if it was about to launch itself into the restaurant. Around the corner, on the back of a flatop truck, was a smashed-in version of the same make of car.

Superman Returns site
Martin Place steps, today.

Superman Returns steps
Kitty's car runs amok, heading for diners in an outdoor restaurant in Metropolis
(actually Martin Place, in the Sydney CBD, Australia), "Superman Returns".

Superman Returns site 2
Martin Place podium, today - and essentially as it was
before being changed into a temporary restaurant in 2005.

Superman Returns restaurant
View from Kitty's amok car, heading for startled diners, "Superman Returns".

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