Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aftermath of Murder: the next "Number 96" DVD set!

Number 96: Aftermath of Murder

The news has broken! The aftermath of the "Number 96" Pantyhose Strangler storyline is about to hit stores in time for the TV soap opera's 38th anniversary!

Andrew Mercado presents more details - and a sneak preview - on his website, MercadoTV, or click here for a brief episode guide to the contents of this wonderful new collection of classic 70s episodes.


Therin of Andor said...

A good idea to check both the TV Drama and TV Comedy sections of JB HiFi. I've seen the two previous boxed sets in both places. Still no sightings in my local and CBD JB's yet, but some Brissy fans are reporting success.

Place a special order if you can't find a copy on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

I found the Number 96: Aftermath of Murder DVD in JB HiFi, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. There was just one copy on the shelf: TV drama section.

Therin of Andor said...

Good news!

I've often found the "96" movie DVD in TV Drama, TV Comedy and Movie Drama!

I received a contributor's copy of the new one - thanks Andrew! - but so far I haven't seen any on shelves in Sydney, which is a concern. each store I ask at volunteers to special order me one, though.

Umbrella needs solid sales figures so they can release more volumes.