Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flashback to 1982!

Medtrek convention article
Medtrek convention article, part 2
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An article in the Sydney Morning Herald's "Good Weekend" section, 20th February, 1982, reviewing the events of Medtrek, a science fiction media convention, held at Medlow Bath the previous weekend. Article by Susan Hely, accompanied by a large line drawing, a collage of artwork based on several b/w photos taken on the day. Features Ian McLean as Captain Therin, right foreground.

Medtrek group 1Medtrek group 2Medtrek group 3
Colour pics by con attendee, Paul Kennedy.

PS. I've just remembered how funny the Herald's official photographer was during the shoot. He was trying to pose the Starfleet crew for a group shot and asked us what we could "do". Someone suggested "beaming up". We got into the traditional formation and he said, "Okay, start beaming up - now."

Wouldn't he have been surprised if we'd actually vanished in a hail of golden glitter?

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