Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sickbed round-up

I've just spent a week very under the weather with flu symptoms that threatened to overwhelm me. Luckily, I seem to have thwarted it, despite everyone around me sniveling, coughing and complaining.

I haven't felt too much like blogging, but I have kept up with my daily photographs for the 365 Photos project:

Part of a very large pile of parcels I had to send out, containing
aluminium Star Trek water bottles. 5 July 2009.

I (stupidly?) volunteered to buy them up for 37 US members of the Playtrek action figures and collectibles listserv, and I'm hoping it pays off in plenty of toy karma. (Now I know why firms charge postage "and handling" - the time it takes to package up things and get them to the post office is deceiving. Every package has required flashing my Medicare card each visit, three signatures: on the parcel, the customs declaration, and a form attached to the declaration - and my address has to appear twice.)

Jack on the lounge, a few minutes to midnight. 6 July 2009.

Cover art of the picture books "Bear and Chook" and "Bear and Chook by the sea". 7 July 2009.

I spent the day writing programming notes for a book rap. These books by Lisa Shanahan and Emma Quay will be the focus of a book rap in Term Four.

The Shopping Trolley Graveyard, where lost and abandoned Penrith shopping trolleys
congregate before their ultimate demise. 8 July 2009.

View through a balcony rail at the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney CBD. 9 July 2009.

My cute new set of "Cosbaby" Nightwing, Robin, Batman and Batgirl figurines. 10 July 2009.

A cheeky poolside willy wagtail left behind a mess on Pan's head at sundown today!
He was using the statue as a springboard for his bathing expeditions.
And driving Jack crazy! 11 July 2009.

View behind the laptop, a few minutes to midnight. 12 July 2009.

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