Saturday, July 04, 2009

Snuffle, splutter

Getting me through a miserable weekend: cake, coffee, Codral cold tablets, Betadine throat gargle and Turkish apple tea.


Wish me luck.

Let's just hope some swine didn't give me more than I bargained for.


Captain Incredible said...

An old Neptunian remedy is, of course, Grylnyx, the ingredients for which are not, sadly, available on Earth.

A useful substitute, however, can be found in a hot Irish Whiskey:

1 small measure Irish Whiskey (Jameson or Bushmills for preference);
Hot water (just short of boiling);
3 Cloves (not 2, not 4, 5 is right out);
Sugar (if you like that sort of thing);
A small slice or wedge of lemon.

No ice. That would defeat the purpose.

Your health, sir...

Judy Engall said...

Perhaps it's wattle flu?