Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Smurfday

The things you find in the yard on a gorgeous, sunny Autumn Sunday...


I wonder, does a Smurf turn navy blue when he "tans"?

I scanned some new Star Trek movie tie-in stuff this morning. My overseas Trek colleagues were asking about Australian stuff:

Trek mobile

Trek drinksTrek drinks

Australian mobile advertising the "Star Trek" (2009) movie tie-in aluminium water bottle from Hoyts cinemas. Lenticular plastic movie poster drink cup and lid from the Greater Union cinemas. (There was also a matching cardboard popcorn satchel.)

Trek figures

Left: International packaging of Plamates' "Star Trek" (2009) movie tie-in 3.75" action figures. Note presence of belt accessory, but Uhura is not actually wearing her belt (as in US version), and there is no bonus playset piece in the package! Right: US packaging.

Trek figure cardbacks

Left: Back of international packaging. Note there is no diagram of the separate playset. Right: Back of US packaging.

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