Sunday, December 28, 2008

Raiders of the lost weekend?

My frustrated Facebook entries tell the sorry tale. Of interrupted (my) sleep, and the bizarre effect the Christmas season has on some people.

* Ian is awakened at 12.10am by a violent, abusive domestic dispute across the road. 'Tis the season... [12:26am]

* I think they sent one police car per phone call made to 000. Thank goodness. [12:27am]

* Would you believe the police delivered him back to the house, drove off - and the abuse started all over again immediately? Now carted away for a second time... Happy New Year... [1:33am]

* Ian is still awake at 1.34am. [1:34am]

* Ian is going to try bed once more. Third time's the charm? [2:43am]

* Ian is awake and still feeling seedy. [7:11am]

* Ian is still hearing aggressive male voices floating through Penrith. Lighten up, everyone. [12:49pm]

* The thick accent sounded like it was the same guy from early this morning, but in a different house. I couldn't believe the police delivered this morning's idiot back after his first paddy wagon ride. [10:44pm]

* Ian is thinking of turning in, to regain yesterday's lost beauty sleep. (I have an excuse for not being beautiful today!) [11:21pm]

Sunday's magic number: 94.5 - Not too shabby, all things considered.

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