Friday, December 26, 2008

Australia vs Quantum of Solace

I saw Baz Luhrmann's Australia on Tuesday but, with Christmas preparations descending fast, I hadn't had a chance to write up a review.

It was a lot of fun, but I'm not surprised some Americans just don't get it. I understand the film - and star Nicole Kidman - came under some harsh criticism in the USA. Sure, the first twenty minutes or so were rather disarming, as to what kind of film it was going to be, almost as if even the director hadn't yet decided, but I also felt this was on purpose. The movie is definitely great reflection of the Aussie sense of humour.

I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole's performance - even though the character starts off as aloof and stuffy as her character in last year's disastrous and cold "The Golden Compass", she developed Lady Sarah into a very likable and warm person. Hugh Jackman was excellent as Drover, although he's also come off badly in some critiques on the film. And young Brandon Walters, as Nullah, acted the pants off the adults in every scene!

By comparison, today I chose to see the new James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace". I was using a Hoyts' Super Saver voucher, so it only cost me $11, but I'm afraid to say that this 007 movie literally put me to sleep. I stayed awake for most of it, but I kept "blissing out" in the action/chase/SPFX sequences. With "Australia" I was alert throughout, despite its considerable length. And I did enjoy "Casino Royale", but this new Bond flick was a bit hard to follow a few times.

I just read the Wikipedia synopsis for "Quantum of Solace" a few minutes ago and a few things clicked - Daniel Craig and the cast were great, but aspects seemed a bit tedious. I'm also a bit miffed they didn't play the JJ Abrams' "Star Trek" trailer with the movie, although it did play in the foyer of the cinemas while I was securing my ticket.

Next up, I'll try the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" on the weekend. It opened today, but I figured its queues would be too long. And they were.

Australia EP

By the way, a five-track EP is now available for download on iTunes for the soundtrack of "Australia". I'd wondered why the full soundtrack album hadn't been in stores, but I was glad to hear it is coming. Eventually. Meanwhile, the EP is great, and is my first iTunes music purchase.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Quantum of Solace Ian, could have been just another sequel to Bourne Identity. What have they done to Bond. :(

Mr Haynony Moose