Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 approaches...

Usually I have a quiet New Year's Eve. Pizza with a few friends. I think it'll end up being the same this year. I've tried having bigger New Year's Eve gatherings here, but no one likes travelling too far afterwards, and someone in each carload has to be the designated non-drinking driver.

I was excited to be invited to see the fireworks close up, from a rather unique residential tower on the north side of Sydney Harbour this year. I'd have to get there by 4pm, as all the ferry transport stops in preparation for the two fireworks shows (at 9pm and midnight). My friend, who lives there (opposite Nicole Kidman's apartment on the other side of the Harbour), is only allowed to invite a certain number of people, and even has to hand out passes. Reluctantly, I passed.

I think I rather prefer seeing the fireworks on TV these days. When I lived in Lakemba, I used to see them really well (but tiny) from my balcony. By turning on the TV we could even hear them as well! But no crowds. It really does get ridiculously crowded at Circular Quay on New Year's Eve in Sydney. Getting home again is the rotten bit. Everyone trying to get on the first train out of the city, idiots wandering through the subway tunnels, holding up the trains. Been there, done that, rather be comfortable and safe(r).

Happy New Year!

Meanwhile, here's yet another amazing Youtube fan mash-up on the upcoming "Star Trek" movie, this time using images from TOS:

The TAS mash-up is HERE and the official one it's based upon is HERE.

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